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Alarm & CCTV Offer

Owning this professional security solution is now within reach of many people thanks to this amazing offer.


For a limited time, anyone ordering a combined CCTV and Alarm system from New Wire will receive the auto-diallier add-on COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE!


Normal cost and fitting of auto-dialler hardware is over £100!


Our helpful friendly staff are happy to take your call so pick up the phone today for more information.

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Combined Alarm & CCTV

By combining a New Wire CCTV and Alarm system you can greatly increase the protection of your property and be in complete control should an incident occur while you are out and about.


A New Wire Alarm system fitted with auto-dialler capabilities will make an automated call to your mobile in the event of an alarm being raised.


With a New Wire CCTV system you can take advantage of our free mobile apps to quickly view camera footage of your property in real-time. The enables you to review the situation before returning to the property. The apps also allow you to record video and photos from any camera and save to your device, allowing you to gather valuable evidence as it happens.


What's more, our CCTV systems can save footage for periods of weeks before it is overwritten meaning you have plenty of time to backup key footage if you are returning from a long trip or vacation.


By adopting the latest technologies, New Wire make it easy and convenient for you to protect your home or business, as well as being more affordable than ever.

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